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How even?

Why did you people let me sleep all damn day? Wtffff.

I’m always in a fucking bad mood

Like seriously.. It’s been pretty bad. I just don’t feel like dealing with anyone or anything. I feel like focusing on myself. And what the hell I’m going to do with my life. School first.. Then Navy later? I need to leave. Now.

Things will be on queue. Bye.

I appreciate you.. And everything you do for me. But I do not love you.. The way you want me to.

I need to go to the guitar centerrrrr


When I go to the navy..

I’m getting tatted.

I hate reading old tumblr messages

Just realized..

I’m venting on the wrong tumblr lmao. Fuck my life.


So today I hung out with Brittany.. For legit only an hour… a.k.a. The reason I got in trouble lol. Anyways, I wasn’t expecting to go for a drive/walk/Starbucks run. And I assumed she wanted to talk.. And she kept denying it. But as always I was right. I asked her what was wrong… Because legit the people who aren’t the main people I talk to that hit me up… Only talk to me because they need to vent.. And yeah, she needed to vent. I’m kind of used to it. And honestly I don’t care if that’s the only reason people talk to me sometimes. I like listening. Wait, hold on. This wasn’t the reason I’m making this post.

I’m making this post because.. Brittany made me feel important… She made me feel.. Worth it. She made me feel beautiful… I guess. I stated that I thought she liked me because I was the only one there for her when she needed someone most… And that’s the reason why she fell for me. But she told me it wasn’t. She told me the first time she saw me.. She wanted me. She told me that I was super pretty.. And she wanted to get to know me.. And in that moment… I felt beautiful, wanted, needed… It was nice..


It’s kind of hard to punish me… Because I always find loop holes..
If you take away my laptop.. I use my phone… Ground me for a month.. I don’t even go out much… Like… It’s pointless really..
And the sad thing is.. If you try to punish me… I don’t care.. Like I think it’s because I know I did wrong and I do deserve it and I saw it coming. Like I take my own blame. *shrugs*


I fucked up.. But then it’s kind of like I don’t care.. *shrugs*


I work all fucking week this week. Well… It’s not like I had a life or anything. No big deal. *shrugs*

Lol, hey tumblr.. I’m back.

I really have nothing to say,

but I’m going to do this anyways.

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You’re stupid af,

You already know I know everything. Might as well not talk shit about me. Might as well say it to my face.

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