Cummin' Motha F!@#N' Rainbows
ivyceziel. October 16. Seventeen. Freshman in College. 100% Filipino.
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hoe(s) on my dick
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Me and Denise 🌹
😂 This is my favorite family picture #ReyesFam
I’m ready for summer ☀️
Because Jamba is life 😎🍌
😁❤️🍏 #JambaIsLife
I want actual tattoos on my arms. Probably bible scriptures
Ice Blue ❄️
😩 I wish my eyes were ice blue mannn
Let’s take a minute to appreciate how much my hair has grown. 💁#TransformationTuesday
I’ve lost so much weight since September..
Happy Sunday 😁⛪️ #ootd
On my way to steal your girl 🐝 #HopOnThatBee #BabyComeThru #YouDeserveRounds