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ivyceziel. October 16. Seventeen. Freshman in College. 100% Filipino.
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The End Feat. Chance The Rapper by Jeremih x Shlohmo 4,480 plays
Right There by Tori Kelly & Ariana Grande 21,917 plays
Trophies by Drake 87,831 plays
Pink Toes (ft Jhene Aiko) by Childish Gambino 579 plays
No One Like You by Nujabes 37,873 plays
Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys 4,883 plays
Buzzcut Season by Lorde 503 plays
White Teeth Teens by Lorde 309 plays
A World Alone by Lorde 229 plays
You’ll Never Know by Ariana Grande 1,995 plays
Shot For Me by One Direction 30,159 plays
Furthest Thing by Drake 189 plays
Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys 9,757 plays
Do You Right by 109 plays
Come Thru by Drake 259 plays