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I have to get my hormones in check…

Anyways, the dream was random. I don’t even really understand it. I was with my “family” who wasn’t even really my family. And Melanie was with me. And like we were camping or some shit, it was also kind of like a party. I remember having to pose for family pictures. And Melanie was sitting with me. And when she stood up… I was like stroking her leg. And my hand went up her skirt. And I keep saying and. Lol. Yeah, she was like “oh, right there” and would like moan. And unf. Then after publicly fingering her. I remember walking down a road with her. And something about a diaper…. Idk, that’s all I remember.

I keep forgetting to write down my dreams,

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I had a dream about Jillian,

I haven’t been writing down my dreams lately because I’ve been too lazy. But I finally have to write this one down. So in the dream the main person was Jillian. And like we were in some abandon looking place. I don’t know what it was exactly. It was like a huge club made like a water park sauna. Anyways, I remember seeing Victoria, Vivi, Tien, Niqui, Jenny, and they were chilling on top of some circular thing on the ceiling. And they kept saying turn on the jets. And when it was turned on at the bottom of the circle there was a fountain thing. And it burst up and reached up to them. Anyways, that was before the place went bankrupt and shut down. So me and Jillian were the only people there. We were on some bed thing. And we were like cuddling like usual. Like holding hands and hugging. And then I started kissing on her neck. And she told me to stop. And she told me she couldn’t do that. And I told her to stop hiding your feelings. I told her in know she’s confused. But that she can do better. And I got over it after a while. Anyways, we cleaned up the place to use for ourselves. And some scary weird looking nerd kept knocking with his mom telling me it was his birthday and he made reservations. And I’m here like…. Bitch, you ain’t on the list. But outside of this sauna water park. It was like a jungle. Or swamp. And there was this huge tree blocking the bridge going to the building. Idek. But yeah, I finally let the kid in because his mom tried so hard to persuade me. And then a party broke in. And a bunch of people I knew were there. And then I just hung out with Jillian.


I had a dream of vampires again. It was weird. And I forgot the second dream I had. Anyways, I think my sister was in the dream. And some other girl. I can’t remember who at the moment. But first, I was a vamp. And I had a task to do or something. I disobeyed and started trying to protect people. In order to stay a vamp, you had to kill a oncoming senior, so basically a junior. And yeah. And I supposedly had something the vamps wanted. I turned my sister into a vamp. Which made me sad. But I did it so she can protect herself. It was my sister, me, and some other girl. I made a plan. Because two people were coming after us. And we were running towards a forest. The setting seemed like the middle ages and tokyo all at the same time. Anyways, me, Kate and that girl were running away from the vamp. And my sister was running slow… for a vamp. So I was behind her trying to slow down the guy that was chasing us. I stabbed and tackled him. I told my sister to run. And that other girl too. And I don’t remember the rest.

Christmas Dream

So I had the strangest dream. And basically everyone was in it. First I had a dream that I was a mascot. And I had to learn cheer leading moves. And then all of a sudden I was a diver. I don’t even know. But first I remember that the cheer coach didn’t like me. And she kept making me do errands. Anyways, we were at a game. It was me, Rayne, Camy, Katriel, and a bunch of the other cheerleaders from my school. And afterwards I ran into the woods. And then I had to dive. A bunch of people were being mean to me. I believe it was everyone. Like Michael, Ron, and some other dude I don’t know was hoen’. And we were on some diving team. Everyone did well but me. I like belly flopped or some shit. Afterwards, I went back to the forest back to cheer. And I told off the cheer coach. And I was doing all year flips and shit. And the people I mentioned that was in cheer told me I was great. And then I went back to my diving team. And went back to the woods. I dove from a cliff. And it was great. And then I did my actual dive. It was very dramatic. I got a high score. And then it was Ron’s turn to dive. And I stole his stuff to get revenge and I jumped in the pull and brought his stuff down. Everyone laughed. I some how messed up Michael’s dive. I don’t remember how. And I got revenge on the guy I don’t know. And then all of a sudden I was going shopping. Because it was supposedly Christmas. Everyone was giving everyone gifts. Daniella was telling me to help her pick gifts. Lauren was helping me give gifts. And then I got lost in a Christmas looking town. I ran into Sarah. And asked about a play. And then I saw a dessert alley. Filled with lots of cookies. And then I ran into Victoria. And she asked me to help her go shopping. And she said she forgot a couple of people’s gifts. And then I kept talking. Then I woke up…

It makes sense,

I had a dream that I was picking up my step mom from work. And while I was driving I ran a red light. And there was cops everywhere. And I got caught. But they didn’t catch me. Then I saw and heard the cops say to just get the license plates from the camera. And I freaked out. I told my parents and they said that I better not have gotten caught.
Then it was another dream. I dreamt of Melanie. I dreamt that she texted me “Ivy I have a boyfriend”. And I texted her back “yeah, I know”. And then I was somehow talking to her. I believe through oovoo. And I was explaining to her that “I already know I’m setting myself up for disappointment. I already know nothing is going to happen between us. I know that we’re just friends. But idgaf. Love makes us do crazy things. And I want to stick around. I don’t care if I get hurt. You’re not leading me on if I know what I’m doing. Even if me and you are just friends, I’m glad. What makes me happy is that you’re a part of my life.” and then she looked at me and teared up a bit. She had the cutest smile. And she said told me she missed and loved me. And then I woke up. 

Nightmare from yesterday,

It was like the movie we’re going to watch. And it was a haunting. It was pretty goddamn satanic. And a lot of people were dying. But I didn’t even know these people. But I was trying to save them. One from drowning and paralysis. And a guy from being buried/trapped under the house. It was a floor board. There was a lot of running involved. And for some reason I already knew what was coming. I only knew because I saw it happened but they died. I ran a lot on stairs.
I think was something about a murder. Melanie and Danii were in it. I was trying to protect them. And I ended up killing the guy who was trying to kill us. I stabbed him multiple times. It was scary. I don’t remember much. I should of written it down when I woke up. But I was super tired.


I had a weird dream. And I don’t remember a lot of it. But I remember seeing Danii. Idk why tf I keep dreaming of her. But I’m never surprised when she’s in my dreams. Anyways, in the dream I was supposedly in a hotel room. Or an orphanage. And I was in charge of closing the window when night hits. And kids loved going out that window. And I locked that window securily. I was jumping on the bed. It was always really dark. I had to close the curtains. Which made it even more dark. I laid by Danii. And I was cuddling with her. I was holding her hand. And there was a random person next to us. But I told Danii I missed her and she said “I TOLD YOUUU” and that person next to us supposedly lost the bet. And they had to pay Danii money. I asked her if the bet was about me telling her I missed her. And I asked Danii if she missed me too. She said yes to both. And then for some reason I wanted Danii to blow me. Lmao. I don’t even know. But anyways, I was still in that hotel looking room. And for some reason there was an ambulance in there. And I went inside the ambulance and took off my pants. I was trying to get hard. But then I saw I was connected to all these wires. And I freaked the fuck out of course. And I was like a fucking cyborg. I had balls. Lol. Anyways, there was two wires connected to me. One I could detach. And the other was forever there. I replaced everything and put my pants back on and got out the ambulance. And then I woke up.
I don’t understand this dream one bit.


I had the weirdest dream. So being Sunday and all. I’m not sure if this was a dream or not. But I had a dream that my dad and my sister were trying to wake me up for church and to go eat. But I wouldn’t. Until my step mom came up stairs. And I was sleeping in. The media room on my brothers weird camping bed… I was doing that in reality. And then I went to go get ready down stairs and the setting changed. It seemed like I was in the ally ways of Japan or China. Idek. And something bad happened. But I don’t remember what. But I feel like we were on top of a huge flight of stairs. And there was a lot of people I knew that was there. But I only remember one girl. Which was Sarah. I hugged Sarah when I first saw her. Me and Sarah were talking. Talking about wht happened. I think some dude suicided. I don’t remember. But Sarah was eating or something. And I felt bad that she was standing up. And there were no chairs. I mean I was sitting on the floor with my legs crossed. So, I pulled in Sarah to sit on my lap. She smirked at me and laughed. I didn’t realize I sexually touched her. But I did it again. Haha, and then I stopped and told her I missed her. And then that crowd of people disappeared. And then I was with Danii and Lauren. And we were all just hanging out. Me and Danii kept talking about why had changed. And Lauren wasn’t really there. She kept going in corners and isolatin herself. But she was there. So me and Danii ate some kind of Chinese food. And my hands were sticky from the food. And we went to the bathroom. The bathroom was fucking high tech. Everything but the napkin dispenser was automatic. Lol. Anyways, we went back to where we were. And talked some more. And we were laughing. Just like old times. And then she called her dad for something. There was another crowd of people we were with. But I don’t remember who was there exactly. Anyways, her whole family came in their BMW. And then Danii asked me to carry her to the bathroom and back. I have no idea why. But I did. I carried her on my back. And she was talking to me. I don’t remember what we were saying. We were just laughing some more. But when I was almost back I where we started. A lot of emotion was held during this scene. While I was carrying Danii. I looked at her. And told her I missed her. I’m guessing this was because I wanted to tell her in real life when we were driving to tutti frutti. But I didn’t. Anyways, she laughed. And I she told me she missed me too. And then we were trying to get Lauren to eat. And Danii got her some sushi. But Lauren was like “wtf is this?! I’m not eating it”. Haha. But that’s all I can really remember.

I had a nightmare about Melanie ):

The setting was a road. And it was foggy. It happened all of a sudden. I was sprinting. I was running to something. But I figured out later it was to someone. It was to you. All I remember was red flashing lights. And I saw you. You looked back at me. And you smiled. I love your smile.  I was trying to stop you. I was trying to yell. But nothing came out of my mouth but silence. I could read my lips. I said “don’t do it Mel!”. And I was sobbing. I could hear the loud roar of the train coming closer. You stepped forward towards the tracks. I ran close enough to grab you. And I got you out of the way. I held you tightly. And I told you to not ever do that ever again. I was crying and you looked at me and told me “Ivy, it’s okay. I’m free.” and I looked at you. I was confused. You told me that you loved me, and I had to let you go. And you closed your eyes. No matter how much I tried, you wouldn’t wake up. I looked at your wrists. And they were all cut up. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice. I grew angry at myself. In the dream I blamed myself for what happened. I cried and just sat by you. I was yelling or I guess screaming. I didn’t want to live anymore. I kissed your forehead, and laid on the train tracks. I watched as the train was heading towards me. I closed my eyes. And then I woke up.
Intense ass dream. 

I had the weirdest dream,

The people that were in it were Hoa and Juan, and Avigale and Melanie were in it too. But mostly Hoa and Juan. Anyways, in the beginning I was talking to Melanie during school, like school just started. And I walked her to class and all that good stuff. Then we were talking to some random cute dude. And then me, Juan, and Hoa went to our school water park when it was about to close. And we were just chillin’ on the slide talking abs laughing. And then Hoa became Avigale and Juan was some random dude. Melanie was swimming an what not. Some dude was randomly trying to hold his breath at the bottom of the slide. And then when the pool was closing and everyone was comin back inside the building I woke up.
Random weirdass dream.

I had the strangest dream tho.

I mean the only reason it was strange is because the people in it were people I never dream of. So it was my cousin Princess, her boyfriend, Tyrone, Daniella, Melanie, Lauren, and Alyssa. Actually I used to dream of Lauren and Daniella almost all the time. And I know I’ve had a dream about Alyssa. Anyways, the dream had a lot of jammin’ to it. I talked to everyone as if we were close. We were in a dark ass room. And the only thing that was visible in that room was a dimmed down lamp, a 3 seater couch, and guitars and ukuleles. But yeah, I was explaining to Princess’s boyfriend what I can play and what he should teach me. Idk, I thought the dream was just fucking weird. Daniella and Tyrone were talking. Alyssa and Lauren were talking. Melanie… I think she was alone. But I was talking to everyone. And yeah… I don’t remember much. Ima try to go back to sleep.


I technically just woke up from my nap. And I had a dream about Denise and Hoa. It was the randomest shit ever. We were like in the Philippines or some shit. It was super ghetto where we were. And I had socks on… And I kept getting them wet or something. Idk, but me and Denise kept eating chips. And then we went upstairs talking about something. And we put like carpet over the wooden floor so we’d be comfortable. And we were still eating those chips. And Hoa came, and we were talking to her too. I don’t remember what the hell we were talking about, but I know we were talking about something important. And then I woke up.

I don’t know why,

But I keep dreaming about Sarah. I can’t remember what exactly happened in this dream, but all I remember is telling Sarah how much I miss her. Swear to god me and Sarah have some kind of telepathic connection… lol. Anyways, the only thing that happened was that I was just talking to her. I asked her how she’s been. I asked her why she hasn’t been answering my texts. RIGHT. That’s how the dream started. I was texting Sarah. And when she told me she didn’t feel good, I came to her house to take care of her. I gave her blankets, soup, and company. And then I left Sarah so she could go sleep. And Victoria was there. Idk, but in my dream. Victoria was sick too. And for some reason, Sarah and Victoria had some kind of rivalry. I just know that I was hugging both of them because they were sick. But I was cuddling with Sarah. And I was kissing Sarah’s cheeks. And I held her hand. And then I woke up.


I had a weird ass dream. I don’t remember the beginning. But I remember being dropped off home from school on the bus. And for some reason the setting of where I lived was totally off. Anyways, it was probably 8 when I went home from school. And I was talking to John and Louie. John and me were talking about how we should hang out more. And then Louie asked if my parents were home (he actually always asks me this in real life). When he asks me if my parents are home, it means he wants to fuck. LOL, and I was like “yeaaah, they’re home”. I was lying though (I also do this in an actual situation like this). Anyways, he was all disappointed that I rejected him again. And he went home. I was for some reason 2 doors away from him. And my house lights were on, the door was unlocked but closed. I freaked out… And I went inside to throw my bag in, and I was about to go to Louie to tell him (I would have not done this in real life, I would of stayed home, or called the cops). Then some random couple was snooping around my front door. And I was like “hi? What are you doing?” and they said “we’re looking for your parents, where are they?” I told them they were sleeping. And I tried to creep the door shut. But the man kept rejecting it. And I locked the door an closed it… But some how they opened it and went inside. They were calling out my parents name. And there was no answer. And they were like “why are you alone” and I obviously didn’t know. They were snooping around the house looking for something. I was supposedly living with my mom. Do I expected them that they were looking for drugs. And then I had a random flash back, and I was supposedly going out with this guy I used to like, Jonathan. And we had a bunch I pictures together. Anyways, the couple found weed. And was like “what’s this?” and I snatched it from them. And I asked “what are you looking for? Drugs? Heroine? Crack?” and after a few more minutes of snooping my
“Uncle Alan” came in the house. And I congratulated him on winnin my mom back, I even shook his hand. He was drunk af tho. And after mumbling a bunch of stuff he passed out. And me and the couple were trying to leave the house. I don’t even know where and why we were leaving. But my uncle suddenly awoken when I was on the mirror. He got out a gun and shot at my direction yelling “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” but in some slurring drunk way. And I freaked out and ran. I don’t remember the rest…