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ivyceziel. October 16. Seventeen. Freshman in College. 100% Filipino.
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): I can’t wait until I redownload draw something.
Happy Birthday

I went to the store to buy some flowers and candles. Then I started cruising along the road to my destination, as if I had all the time in the world. When I finally got there, the smell of dirt and dead flowers hit me. I started talking to her, “hey, hows it going?” no reply. “I brought you your favorite scent and flowers today. I even threw in a little chocolate cupcake for you.” As I stood there, I thought ‘I know youre listening’ then I say “happy birthday mom.” As I kneeled by her tombstone, I laid the gifts by her. Then sang happy birthday. Everyone always ask me if my mother is really dead. Outside I say “nope,” inside I say “well, she seems dead to me.”