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My brother David was one hell of a character. I’ve got an entire album of notes from people we went to school with to prove it. It’s not just writing that proves it though. It’s the memories that he’s left with everyone he’s ever encountered. Whether they were friends for a lifetime, or friends for the weekend, no doubt he impacted lives.

My brother was stubborn. He always was. But I have never met anyone in my life put so much effort into something he really cared about or wanted. If he wanted to win an award, he would literally brainstorm for hours thinking of how he could make the best project ever. When he wanted a girl, he would write her poems, sing her songs, buy her chocolates, get her flowers, and even if he was turned down (which was rarely the case), he would still try.

I used to think that my brother was a player, because before, I never really talked to him about those things. But when I got into high school, I found out that my brother was one of the most loving people I’ve ever met. When he was in love, he really was in love. One hundred and ten percent. He gave the girl his all. I remember some nights he would complain about his girlfriend doing something messed up, and he would drink, and he would cry, and he would always wonder why he wasn’t good enough.

It was crazy. My brother passed away 5 years ago on July 15, 2007. He committed suicide over a broken heart. He was the father of a child, which wasn’t even proven to be his because the girl got around. She claimed that he was the father, and when he found out, he did everything he could to get his shit together. He worked, he applied to colleges, he applied to the air force. Whatever he could do to support his upcoming family. She got an abortion. He was heart broken. She left him, and he found her flirting with one his good friends at a club. That night he came home, and he was sad. He was tired of trying and not being good enough. He was tired trying to make everyone proud. The weight was unbearable, and no one knew that he needed help because he played it off so well that he was “okay”. That night he came home was the last night I saw him alive.

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Posted on Sunday, 15 July 2012.
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